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Regional Impact Director

Anywhere (US) · Spring 2022 Internship

Who we are

amaxa connects our users to real problems at global nonprofits. Our flagship program is the amaxa student impact program, a one-of-a-kind leadership program specifically designed for high school students. We have 11 nonprofit partners and counting, and our students are currently solving problems ranging from providing electricity to grandmothers in Uganda to creating juggling workshops for students in Palestine - & much more. Learn more about our program and problems at We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States.

About amaxa internships

While these roles are technically internships because they operate on a semester schedule, our interns are fully part of our team and take on a leadership role within our organization, and as such, we are not only open to, but prefer, candidates who see themselves playing a role in our organization in a longer-term, if possible. While the first semester is unpaid, if you continue with us more than one semester, the role will either become paid or we will provide a one-time stipend (this is simply dependent upon our funds moving forward).

What we’re looking for

Our operations consist of three main tiers: identifying nonprofit partners, recruiting undergraduate and professional mentors, and spreading the word about our program to high school students who want to make an impact. We are looking for undergraduates with a demonstrated passion for social good to join our team as Regional Impact Directors in order to amplify ámaxa’s social impact, by supporting these three operations, in a particular region of the United States. Regions, for example, might be “state of Colorado” or “the greater Boston area”. They are specified on a case-by-case basis with applicants.

We are open to applicants based anywhere in the United States. The position is fully remote and currently unpaid.

This position is a leadership position within our organization. You will attend weekly meetings with our CEO, COO, and CTO, and you will work closely with them to amplify impact in your specified region. As such, we will prefer applicants who express a desire to stay on-board for more than 1 semester. For such applicants, we are quite willing to be flexible on weekly hourly workload in preference for long-term commitment, for example, requiring 5 hours/week for 2 semesters instead of 10 hours/week for 1 semester.

As a regional leader for our organization, you will choose the impact focus for your region. This can be any cause or issue about which you feel most passionate, from climate change to homelessness and more. As such, you will have the opportunity to network closely with organizations in your area which work on this impact, as well as to directly increase their impact by matching amaxa teams to their problems.


Generate a Regional Impact Objective Report to present to ámaxa’s leadership team, identifying a social impact focus for your region and rationale as to why we should target this focus

Conduct outreach to local nonprofits in order to establish partnerships and lead meetings between the nonprofit and ámaxa, in coordination with ámaxa’s CEO and COO

Lead communications outreach to local high schools in order to spread the word about the amaxa student impact program

Present ámaxa’s Student Impact Program to high schools, in meetings with teachers and counselors or speaking in front of classes or grades

Conduct outreach businesses or universities in your region to recruit volunteer mentors


Demonstrated passion for social impact, through previous volunteer experience or social-impact focused projects

Excellent communication skills, with a focus on composing professional emails and confidently conducting meetings

Willingness to speak in front of large audiences

Bonus: Leadership experience

To apply:

Please send the following to & (both included on the same email, not separate emails):


In lieu of a cover letter, please identify a social impact focus for your region and rationale as to why we should target this focus in 1 page. Please be sure to clarify what your region is.

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